Sindh cabinet condemns NAB letter seeking domicile-wise employees

Murad on development funds

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KARACHI: The Sindh cabinet in its around five-hour session condemned the letter written by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to the Sindh government to seek domicile-wise details of its employees from grade BS-1 to BS-22 and termed the letter `politically-motivated’ written at the behest of Shahzad Akbar.

“The cabinet said that the information sought by the NAB was beyond its mandate, therefore demanded the chairman NAB to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

The issue of NAB letter was taken up in the meeting and termed it a politically motivated move by PM’s Special assistant Shahzad Akbar and the NAB authorities crossing their legal limits wrote the letter to the Sindh government.  The cabinet demanded the chairman NAB to conduct an inquiry into the matter and take actions accordingly.

 Payment of pension

The Agriculture department requested the cabinet for a grant of over Rs749 million to clear the outstanding pensionary benefits of Rs410.838 million and Rs338.029 million for payment of their arrears.

The cabinet observed that the market committee and such other institutions like KMC, KDA and other development authorities have failed to protect their retired employees in terms of payment of their pensions or gratuity. They should have established pensions funds to secure their retirement benefits, but this has not been done.

The chief minister on the advice of the cabinet approved a loan of Rs749 million to clear the pensions of market Committee retired employees and asked the department to sell the property/assets to clear the government loan. He also directed each department to review the financial health of their line/subordinate wings and overhaul them. If their services are no longer required, the wings should be closed.

The revenue generating wings/committee/corporations should not stretch hands for financial help. Mr Shah categorically said that he won’t give such grants in future.

The KMC, KDA, DMCs, Town and municipal committees, market committees, development authorities and provincial corporations should formulate policies to protect the retirement benefits of their retiring employees. He added that these institutions have to use their resources sagaciously.

Supply of water from Nabirsar to Vajihar

The Irrigation Department has already signed an MOU with Enertech Holding for supply of water from Nabirsar to Vajihar by laying 36 cusecs of water line. The project would cost over Rs19 billion. The cabinet keeping in view the importance of the project and water requirement for power generation granted permission to the irrigation department to issue a letter of engagement for development of the project under PPP mode.

Engraving Machines

On the request of the Inspector General of Police the provincial cabinet approved procurement of two Engraving Machines at a cost of Rs25 million each for their Forensic Labs labs located in Hyderabad and Larkana.

Advertisement policy

The Information department presented a draft Advertisement Policy 2021 to bring about greater transparency, accountability, and responsibility in advertisements. The criteria for release of advertisement to print and electronic media shall be issued on the basis of regularity, frequency, popularity, circulation, viewership, quality, audience, market assessment, rating, ranking, surveys, outreach, and influence of the media outlets assessed objectively.

The cabinet paid a rich tribute to retiring chairman P&D M. Waseem. The chief minister presented him ajrak, Sindh cap and shield on behalf of his cabinet members.