Sindh announces new lockdown restrictions from May 9-16

KARACHI: The Sindh government announced on Friday a new set of restrictions as part of the national “Stay Home- Stay Safe” drive to curb coronavirus during the Eid holidays.

A notification issued by the Sindh Home Department, the provincial government stated that the new restrictions will remain in place from May 9 to 16.

“Whereas, considering the usual festive activities traditionally undertaken on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr it is apprehended that such activities related to Eid are very likely to contribute to the spread of disease and accordingly it was decided at the National Command Operation Centre (NCOC) to take further measures to reduce mobility during forthcoming Eid-ul-Fitr and the guidelines “STAY HOME- STAY SAFE” as discuss at NCOC are adopted for this purpose.

The same measures were also discussed and decided during the Covid-19 Task Force meeting dated 6th May, 2021 chaired by the Chief Minister, Sindh keeping in view the disease spread in the country in general and the province of Sindh in particular,” the notification said.

The following additional measures shall apply with effect from the morning of 09th May, 2021 upto the evening of 16th May, 2021.

  • Under the directives, unnecessary movement of people and gathering of any kind at any place has been banned.
  • AII tourist spots, picnic places, including beaches (Hawkesbay, Sandspit. Sea View etc), recreational parks shall remain closed.
  • The ban has also been imposed on all kinds of public transport within the city, inter-city and inter-provincial, except for private vehicles with half seating capacity.
  • However, taxis, cabs, rickshaws are allowed for essential short distance travels meant for medical care and purchasing of essential items and with 50% occupancy of seats and SOPs.
  • Transportation of goods is exempted from the ban.
  • All markets, businesses and shops will remain closed during the period except essential services including the following:
  • Special Eid bazaars / ‘Chand-Raat Bazars’ mehndi, jewellery/ornaments shops shall remain closed during the period being non-essential.

Essential Services A:

  • Allowed to open irrespective of timings, related operations and transportation including that of the staff is allowed. Strict adherence to SOPs and carrying proper identification is mandatory.
  • Hospitals / medical clinic (Aesthetics /Beauty Clinics are not allowed)
  • Stand-alone pharmacies (General stores or shops selling other items and keeping medicine are not allowed)
  • Medical Centres, Vaccination Centres
  • Utility services offices, staff, (Electricity. Natural gas. telecom)
  • Essential municipal services (Water supply including authorized tankers, Sewerage)
  • Petrol Pumps ( the shops/restaurants that are attached to such petrol pumps are to follow the limited timings and relevant orders relating to shops/restaurants)
  • E-Commerce/home delivery. Postal and Courier services with proper trained, uniformed, and identity carrying delivery persons duly trained and following SOPs
  • Welfare organization like Edhi, Chippa etc duly registered and working in coordination with District Administration / Law Enforcement Agencies for food and relief distribution etc.
  • Call Centres, Customer Support Centers for essential services
  • Technical Staff of Cellular companies, internet service providers
  • Print, Electronic Media, Newspaper staff/distribution
  • Government essential services, offices and staff and their field operations including, but not limited to, Port operations PNSC, Customs, IRS, Postal, railways. PTCL etc.
  • Continuous operations / Essential Services related / export-oriented industry with proper SOPs.

Other than the above there shall be no opening of markets, shops etc. or any unnecessary movement of public front 07:00pm to 05:00 am.

Essential Services B:

  • Allowed to open with restricted / limited time (to open from 05:00 am to 07:00 pm)
  • Grocery Stores, Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, Meat, Poultry and similar items.
  • Bakeries and Milk-Shops
  • Restaurants, Cafe – Only Takeaways. drive-through and Home-delivery is allowed – (Thereafter the sunset, Only Home delivery and drive-through is allowed) Under no condition the dining facility either indoor or outdoor is allowed.
  • Pet Shops, feed shops, Veterinary related services / Hospitals.
  • The closed day of Friday of this week i.e. 07. May 2021 will be an open day for markets, business. and shops from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm in view of Eid before the start of strict lockdown starting from Sunday 09. May, 2021.