SC reinstates 16000 sacked govt employees

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SC reinstates 16000 sacked govt employees

ISLAMABAD Dec 17,2021- The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday,  has ruled on government appeals against the dismissal of 16,000 employees. The Supreme Court reinstated government employees who were sacked from 1996 to 1999.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Umar Ata Bandial was hearing the case. Today, Supreme Court Judge Omar Ata Bandial read out the verdict. The Supreme Court dismissed the government appeals in the ratio of four to one. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah disagreed with the majority decision.

By rejecting the review appeals, the Supreme Court has reinstated the employees under Articles 184/3 and 187 of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court has ordered reinstatement of employees who did not require test interviews.

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The apex court in its order said that if any test interview was required for recruitment of Grade 8 to 16 employees, they would give it now.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in its order said that the employees fired for misconduct and corruption will not be reinstated.

The Supreme Court in its judgment said that the employees were being reinstated on the same dates as when they were fired. According to the Supreme Court, a detailed decision will be issued later.

It may be recalled that yesterday the Supreme Court had reserved judgment on the appeals filed against the dismissal of 16,000 government employees which has been announced today.

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