Salamat Lako arrested for issuing threats to former wife

Salamt Lakho

Salamat Lako arrested for issuing threats to former wife

MIRPURKHAS, Sep 12,2022- Salamat Lako was arrested on the charge of threatening the former wife.

The well-known transporter Salamat Lako was arrested along with his colleague , who is likely to be handed over to the Sukkur police.

Police took action in Satellite Town Mirpurkhas and arrested Salamat Lako and Muhammad Ali Samoo.

According to sources, Salamat Lako has been arrested on the charge of issuing death threats to his former housewife.

It can be seen in the video circulating on social media that Salamat Lako is being arrested by a large police force.

In May 2022, Salamat Ali Lako and his associate Zohaib Tunio were arrested by the Mirpurkhas Town Police from at a house in Bahria Town, Karachi.

Amanat Ali Lako, the brother of the accused complained that there has been a dispute with PPP leader Ghulam Qadir Marri since two years. The Marri community has taken over his various businesses.

Earlier, in October 2021, the Sindh High Court issued a notice to the parties including DIG Hyderabad and SSP Tando Allahyar on the petition against the tension between Advocate Salamat Lackho and PPP leader Ghulam Qadir Marri and ordered them to appear in court on October 11. Transporter Salamat Lako filed a petition against the filing of 21 cases during the month through his lawyer Hashim Leghari. The petitioner made party to IG Sindh Police, DIG Hyderabad, SSP Tando Allahyar, DSP Chaudhry Nizamuddin Arain and PPP leader Ghulam Qadir Marri’s grandson Dariya Khan Marri.

Salamat Lackho took the position in the petition that on behest of rivals, the Tando Allahyar police have registered 21 cases of robbery, assault and fight against him and his relatives and friends in one month.