Rights bodies urge to act & prove claims Pakistan is safe place for women

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Rights bodies urge to act & prove claims Pakistan is safe place for women

KARACHI Aug 18,2021- leading women rights bodies have urged the government to act and prove claims Pakistan is the safest place for women.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, they said , On August 14, 2021, while the nation was celebrating Pakistan’s 74th Independence Day, 400 ‘non- robotic’ men in the heart of Lahore celebrated by attacking a woman at a public place, who was there with her friends to get some good footage for a video. These men proved that women are the problem. They excite men by their mere presence, and that public spaces are not meant for women. In fact, their action once again proved that there is no place in the country that women of Pakistan can call SAFE.

Uks Research Centre and Pakistani Women’s Media Network (PWMN) strongly condemn the heinous incident that took place at the Minar-e-Pakistan where a woman was harassed, attacked, physically assaulted and for a considerable period of time no one came to her help. “We demand immediate action against the culprits. They should be arrested and brought to justice”.
UKs and PWMN are also very perturbed at the actions of some media anchors who once again acted irresponsibly while trying to play the Messiah and visited the woman’s house and got themselves photographed while ‘placing their hands on her head’. We appeal to all Media to kindly respect the privacy of the suffering woman.

The appeal also goes out to all Government officials, politicians and others who’d love to get a photo shoot done by placing their hands at the traumatised woman’s head. Such gestures don’t mean anything. Not any more.

If you believe women are equal citizens of this country, then prove it with strong legislations and safety mechanisms that would make women feel safe anywhere at any time of the day and wearing whatever they choose to. Pakistani women don’t go around in public places scantily clad or half naked. They know the society and dress accordingly. But it should be their choice.

The woman at Minar-e-Pakistan wasn’t dressed ‘inappropriately’ as some would have loved to argue, and yet she fell victim to a mob of maniacs. With this incident, the claims that ‘Pakistan is the safest place for women’, and that ‘we know how to respect women’ don’t hold true. Time to act and prove your claims is now, said the statement.

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