Reconciliation has been reached with Rawalpindi, says Nawaz Sharif’s spokesman

KARACHI: Spokesman Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz disclosed that reconciliation has been reached with Rawalpindi, it is too late to pull the ladder. The problem will be with the PTI. Cannot say, it is reconciliation or ceasefire. If one side will shell and the other will not remain silent.

In an interview to a leading media outlet, former governor Sindh and PML-N leader said that Pakistan Muslim League is the oldest and responsible party and relations with our Establishment have always been good. “Due to the imposition of four martial laws, its influence has been in politics and to a large extent it is still in many things” he said.

“Where we respect, there are many differences too.”

“We have reconciled and this is the fear of the PTI, which you have repeatedly asked how it will fall. It is too late to pull the ladder. The problem will be with the PTI. Thank God the situation is fine with us.”

The host asked the question again and said that you are saying that you have made reconciliation with Rawalpindi, in reply Muhammad Zubair said that we did not have any fight. You are saying such a peace as Pakistan and India has. The host asked if there was a ceasefire or peace, Muhammad Zubair said that he did not know the difference between ceasefire and reconciliation.