Rape of three girls in Karachi: Case registered


Rape of three girls in Karachi: Case registered

KARACHI Nov 06,2021

Police registered a case of rape of three girls in Bhangoria Goth, ​​Azizabad in Karachi, on the complainant of father of victim girls.

According to the police, the victim girls included two real sisters and their cousins. The girls are between 18 and 15 years of age.

The father of the victm girls said in a statement to police that the daughters and niece went to a beauty parlor on November 2, to learn to work. “After a long time, when the girls did not return home, I went to the beauty parlor. The beauty parlor found that the girls had not come there,” he said.

The girls’ father said told police that the next day the three girls came home in a rickshaw in a state of semi-consciousness. The daughter told him that a man from Bhangoria Goth had taken them away in a car.

Accused of rape and torture case remanded to police custody

In his statement, the girls’ father alleged that the girls were taken to a flat where four boys were present.

The girls have alleged that the boys raped them after getting them intoxicated.

According to the police, samples have been sent for medical report.

In this regard, the SSP Investigation Central said that the case is also being investigated on technical grounds, due to non-cooperation of the victim’s family, there are difficulties in the investigation.

Main accused of gang rape on motorway arrested