Protest continues on 5th day to allow LBOD water on natural flow

LBOD- Shadi Large

Protest continues on 5th day to allow LBOD water on natural flow

The protests continued in Badin, Mirpur Khas and Tharparkar districts against the not giving cut to LBOD water channel.

Shadi Large, Pingreo, Malkani Sharif, Judhdo and Khloi continued their sit-in on the fifth day, which resulted suspension of traffic on Karachi Mithi road.

A large number of people, including women and children, are engaged in the sit-in.

The government is not giving cut to LBOD as some influentials led by Arbab Lutufallah are against it.

Talks between the influential parties and the protesters failed on September 18, the sit-in that has been announced will continue.

Influentials not allowing to give cut

To hold talks with the protesters at Shadi Large, Chairman the Area Water Board Qabool Katiyan and members of the sit-in committee, Nadeem Gujar, Haji Ali Dalwani Qurban, and Hamid Rashidi Zulfiqar Shah arrived at the sit-in and formed a committee to hold talks.

Brother Arbab Amanullah, bother of PP MPA Arbab Lutufallah said that we will not allow cutting from the zero point in any case, the whole area will be submerged if cut was given. We are ready to allow cut at China Dhiko. However, the protestors rejected this proposal and said that the natural passage is near the zero point, from where the water will easily flow into the sea, therefore the counter proposal was a lollipops and will not resolve the disposal of flood water.

Irrigation authorities decide to make cut at zero point in LBOD 

PPP MPAs face to face over cut in LBOD

On this occasion, Mir Muhammad Bakhsh Talpar, Nadeem Gujar and others belonging to Badin and Mirpurkhas districts said, our all areas including houses and crops have drowned and destroyed, the natural channel of water should be opened and water should be given way, they emphasized.

They said that the channel of Hakaro, Puran Dhoro and LBOD has been closed near zero point as a result entire area has been drowned. They complained that media was not giving proper coverage to the issue.