Probe into the collapse of dams in Balochistan completed


Probe into the collapse of dams in Balochistan completed

Quetta, Nov 2,2022 – The Chief Minister’s inspection team has completed the investigation into the collapse of dams in the province due to flood rails during monsoon rains in Balochistan.

The report cited technical defects in the design of dams, poor construction and politically motivated dam sites and corruption as the reasons for most dam failures.

The officers and consultants of the irrigation department have been held responsible in the report.

At least 10 dams were collapsed and caused breaches in different districts across the province of Balochistan, due to heavy downpour and flashfloods.
So far 45 people have been killed and over 50 injured in rain-related accidents during last week.

Authorities have issued an alert for people stay away from dams.

The situation has worsened in northern districts of Balochistan, where dams have come under immense pressure due to water torrents gushing down from various mountainous areas.