Political Ignorance in Pakistani Youth

Politics and youth

Political Ignorance in Pakistani Youth

Isra Aziz Youth and Politcs

Politics is an important factor, which make or break things in any society. Many a time politics is synonymous to the governance. It directly affect every body and every aspect of life. We can see, thousands of people are losing their lives and livelihood every day as a result of politics.

We the people of Pakistan are in the illusion about what our role is in the country’s politics and our policies are killing, destroying, and doing a lot of things that we are not aware of.

We are living in the state named the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” which is pragmatic with uncountable natural resources and having a vast population with different faiths and political ideologies.

But, unfortunately among all of them, we have very few people especially youth who are politically aware and know how to contribute rightly in their state’s (Pakistan) politics for the betterment and progressive politics in their nation.

Classically speaking, politics is an art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy. Or can say the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government

In Pakistan, we witnessed all three kinds of political culture which are Cynical (untrusting and suspicious especially of government) Parochial (citizens are mostly unaware and uninformed of their government and take little interest), and last we have the Subject of political culture (citizens are somewhat aware of government and occasionally).

But the issue with the youth of Pakistan is they blindly believe in their political Godfather or have a lack of knowledge about politics which leads them towards the “Quagmire” of politics.

In a world where people are more attached to the internet which means they have instant access to any news outlet on the planet, but what to choose and how to use and rely on the information that we are reading

Second, our youth keep them engage on social media with nonsense stuff like bullying each other and perform zero point zero (0.0) research about the policies which are being run in their country, which resultantly bringing worse result over every corner of the country likewise (economics, trade, politics, etc.)

Next, the youngster who thinks politics is the “filthy box” keeps themselves away from it to keeps them clean ruining the real soul of a democratic state.

Then we have some part of the youth who knows nothing neither about politics nor do they have some kind of ambitions but they play a vital role due to their traditional beliefs and faith by becoming the winning path to their cleric.

Apart from all these above nuisances, the main dispute is the lack of education in the country, which proved a hurdle in the way of awareness for politics.

Politics are actions or activities concerned with making decisions in assemblies, or other forms of relations between political parties using power in a country, such as the division of resources or status which has a great impact on everyone’s life.

Societies are formed by the actions taken by the elected leaders of the state. So being a youth it is very crucial to be aware of what is going on in today’s environment because if you do not keep yourself updated with what is happening in your state what new laws and policies are introduced you would never be able to put your perspective in front of anyone. So you must stay up-to-date with what is happening in the political world. And act upon it democratically.

Here are few basic ways to stay aware and act upon our best judgments

In a world where people are more attached to the internet which means they have instant access to any news outlet on the planet, but what to choose and how to use and rely on the information that we are reading or listening to is totally upon us because the phenomena of fake news is very much common in this digital era. And somehow media can determine which news is important to the public.

Eventually, these concepts are meant to shift your mind through repeated information regarding a selected topic. Sometimes news anchors exaggerate simple news by adding some spices in it so that people get scared and start to believe in it so we have to teach ourselves to identify the truth. Instead of giving a quick judgment or simply believing a statement first we should study more upon the subject, think about it, examine it, and only after that make a decision which are the most efficient ways to stay ahead of the fake news.

During the election, we follow its campaign but we usually don’t know whom to vote for? Who will be the most suitable leader for our country? For this purpose, you need to follow your elected leaders. As most of the politicians have PR teams try to portray themselves as perfect individuals by giving conventional speeches to win the heart of the public. In order not to be fooled by a beautiful mask make sure you are going to vote someone worthy of your vote.

A vote is a powerful tool in a democratic country and particularly in Pakistan, many people tend to ignore or don’t understand its worth. Moreover, they are not aware the universal voting right is relatively new and there have been hard-fought battles and efforts of many people to achieve it. Still, if you have any doubts, ask questions, read their manifesto, and check if there is any contradiction of what Politian says and does further you may research about their previous performance that will help you out to make a good decision.

Also, try to be more engaged with the relevant content which can be on television or any website nowadays several news channels and websites are working in Pakistan to let people know what is happening in their state and all over the world. So all you have to do is to listen to the talk shows and read the articles about politics.

So especially for the youth of Pakistan, it is imperative to be politically aware, understand its importance, what it stands for, and how to practice it. Take part in voting as it represents you being politically aware. So use it wisely. Political awareness gives you the strength to raise your voice against things that must be done in organizations. By being politically aware you will not only updated about the world. But you will have more knowledge and you will be able to make favorable decisions not just for you but for your society too.

The writer is from Hyderabad and student of Sindh University 

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