Poet and nationalist activist Juman Darbadar passes away

uman Darbadar

Poet and nationalist activist Juman Darbadar passes away

UMERKOT, Oct 20,2022- Lyrical Poet and nationalist activist Juman ‘Darbadar’ popularly known as Mama breathed his last on early Thursday morning .

Juman Drbadr created immortal songs like “Vathi har har Janam varbo, Mitha Mehran Mein Malbu”.

He was born on May 12, 1944 in the house of Abdul Rashid Sand in the village of Rohal Wai, now Umarkot district.

He got his primary school from Umarkot. Studied in middle school Sabho till eighth class.

During this time, he studied in his father’s madrasa in Sabho, where the nationalist intellectual and politician Abdul Wahid Arisar also studied with him. He passed his matriculation in 1962. After passing 6 months course in Horticulture Mirpurkhas and Field Assistant agriculture course, he was appointed Field Assistant. From 1970, he worked as Field Assistant in Jati, Sujawal, Baran Farm, Ghulam Nabi Shah, Dhori Naro and Chhor.

While studying in Umarkot, the teacher of the college, Khadim Hussain, he read books on national and socialist ideas. Later during he attended “Bizm Sufiya-e-Sindh conference” in Sujawal. He met Syed and a nationalist tendency was born in his thoughts. Later he joined the national movement due to his closeness with Abdul Wahid Areesar.

Juman Darbadar is a poet, artist, drama artist and playwright at the same time. He staged many dramas during his studies at Agricultural College, Sakrand, in which he participated as an actor, singer and director. Such as: (1) Badnasbi Thari,  (2) Flower Girl, (4) Aas, (5) Sorrow and Drought,  and many more.

In the former Tharparkar district Jeay Sindh Mahaz who was elected organizer Jaman Darbadar, he has done active politics first regularly in Jeay Sindh Mahaz.

Juman Darbadar started his poetry with love poetry around 1968 and then wrote national poetry after seeing public suffering.

Though Juman Darbadar’s poetry has not been preserved. His poetry has been sung by famous artists Shafi Faqir, Sadiq Faqir, Sarmad Sindhi and others. While Juman Darbadar is a good artist himself, he keeps performing on the stage by singing with and without instruments.

He was among the top Sindhi lyrical poets like Niaz Hamayooni, Ibrahim Munshi, Majeedi, Sarwaich Sujawali.

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In 1987, he participated as an artist in the “Shah Latif International Conference” organized by Sindhi Women’s Sanstha (organization) Mari, Delhi, and his song sung there has been broadcast by All India Radio Delhi. He has won many medals and cups as a drama artist.

He has also been close to Comrade Ghulam Muhammad Leghari and Comrade Jam Saqi. Apart from national activities, he has been participating in literary, social and welfare works.

Sindh chief minister Syed Murad ALi Shah and SIndh education and culture minister Syed Sardar Shah has offered condolences on sad demise of poet.