Pir Pagara’s Jaisalmer Khalifa Ghazi Faqir Kalar passed away

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HYDERABAD: Pir Pagara’s Khalifa in Jaisalmer, Ghazi Faqir Kalar passed away in India, Hur Jamaat sources in Sanghar confirmed.

Ghazi Faqir Kalar was influential in the politics of Jaisalmer district in the Indian state of Rajasthan and has been playing a major role in West Rajasthan politics since the 80s.

His son Muhammad Saleh Faqir is a Congress MLA from Pokhran constituency.

Ghazi Faqir was resident of Bagoon Ka Gaon in Jaisalmer district and a local Congressman and religious figure who has been masterminding the election of candidates in a western Rajasthan since 1985, when he bonded the local Muslims and Meghwals into an alliance.

Jaislamer Chowki of Hur Jamaat is considered to be biggest one.

Second son of Ghazi Kalar, Abdullah Fakir is district Pramukh of Jaisalmer District Panchayat, Amardeen Fakir is State General Secretary of Rajasthan Youth Congress, and younger sons Ameen Khan is studying in Delhi University and Peerane Khan are in family business.

Ghazi Fakir’s brother, Late Fateh Mohammed was also a district  Pramukh of Jaisalmer.

According to peoplepill web site, Ghazi Fakir came into the news in July 2013 when a Superintendent of Police Jaisalmer Pankaj Chaudhary was transferred for reopening of the case file of Ghazi Fakir regarding his alleged involved in cross-border smuggling and other ‘anti-social activities’ on the India-Pakistan border.

Pagara’s follower in Sanghar and PML-F leader Kashif Nizamani told Outcome that In 2018 Rajasthan Assembly election, Saleh Kalar was pitted against Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Mahant Pratap Puri. Pratap Puri is a Hindu saint and is the mahant (chief priest) of Taratara sect.

According to political observers, by fielding the mahant against Kalar faqir, the party was trying to fight anti-incumbency by polarising the Hindu voters. Saleh Kalar defeated Pratap Puri by a margin of 872 votes.

Saleh Kalar was made a cabinet minister with portfolio of Minority affairs. He became the first ever politician from Jaisalmer district to get a ministry.