February 27, 2024

PIA starts operation to evacuate foreigners from Kabul

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PIA starts operation to evacuate foreigners from Kabul

ISLAMABAD Aug 15,2021 – Pakistan’s national airline PIA, has started a special operation today at the request of various countries to evacuate foreigners stranded in Afghanistan due to the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban’s rapid advance.

According to Pakistan International Airlines sources, a PIA Boeing 777 arrived in Kabul from Islamabad at 11 am today while an Airbus arrived at Kabul at 9 am.

 Foreigners and workers of foreign companies stranded in Afghanistan will be evacuated from Kabul. Various countries had requested PIA to launch a special operation on which PIA has decided to operate special flights to Afghanistan.

In view of the passenger load, PIA had sought permission from Afghan civil aviation authorities for additional flights.

When contacted by a PIA spokesperson to know the schedule of the operation, he said that both the flights would reach Islamabad with foreign passengers.

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