Petroleum crisis feared in Pakistan

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Substantial reduction in the prices of petroleum products

A petroleum products crisis is feared in Pakistan and there is a fear of closure of petrol pumps.

Petroleum products have not been supplied in Karachi and in other parts of country for the last two days.

Chairman All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association Mir Shams Shahwani said that due to rains, oil installation areas in Maripur, Port Qasim and other places heavy water is standing at the loading and unloading places of petroleum products. Oil tankers can be trapped in standing water.

Petrol shortage feared in Karachi

Therefore, no supply of petroleum products has been made to different places for the last two days. If the federal or Sindh government does not make arrangements for drainage of water from the said places as soon as possible, the country may face a crisis of petroleum products and petrol pumps may close.