PDM assigns Shehbaz to give tough time to govt in budget

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ISLAMABAD (May 29, 2021) The Opposition Alliance (PDM) has entrusted the Leader of the Opposition Shehbaz Sharif with the important task of giving tough time to the government in the budget.

In a media briefing after the PDM meeting, Fazlur Rehman announced the dates and venues of anti-government rallies and said that a government which does not have the support of the people cannot face any challenge.

He said that the government did not have the support of the people and legal action would be taken against the corruption and unconstitutional actions of the PTI government.

The PDM chief further said that a team of legal experts has been formed to take legal action against the unconstitutional measures of the government, which will be convened by Azam Nazir Tarar.

He said that there would be a big protest in Swat on July 4, a big rally in Karachi on July 29 and an anti-government demonstration in Islamabad on August 14.

During the briefing, Maulana Fazlur Rehman condemned the attacks on journalists and said, “We express solidarity with the journalists. The PDM leadership will visit the homes of the affected journalists.”

He said that under the guise of encroachments, the government was occupying people’s properties, paving the way for them to build plazas, PDM would stand with the oppressed.

The PDM chief said that the meeting demanded that a meeting of the parliament be convened on the situation in Afghanistan and the concerned agencies should inform the House about the situation.

He said that the situation in the region was becoming alarming and the concerned officials should brief the parliamentarians on foreign policy, Doha Agreement and its progress.

Fazlur Rehman also said that a seminar of parliamentary parties on budget would be hosted by PML-N.

“PDM rejects the government’s unilateral electoral reforms ordinance, including the voting machines, and terms it as pre-poll rigging,”Maulana said and added

that the Election Commission was responsible for holding clean and transparent elections in Pakistan.

The PDM chief said that the Election Commission should convene a meeting of political parties, prepare proposals and present them in Parliament.

Meanwhile, he took a clear stand on the other two opposition parties, the PPP and the ANP, and said it was not considered.


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