Parliament did not consider Election Commission of Pakistan’s report on EVM

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ISLAMABAD Nov 18,2021

The Election Commission of Pakistan’s report was not considered by the government as well as by the Parliament, before passing the bill of EVM. The bill was passed yesterday – Nov 17.

Election Commission of Pakistan has submitted a comprehensive report on the electronic voting machine in Parliament which has been lying dormant for 18 months and no consideration has been given to it. The Election Commission had also sent letters to both the houses in this regard.

There are many financial, technical and managerial issues.

Among the concerns raised by the ECP about the inability of the electronic voting machine to be used, the ECP termed the expenditure of more than Rs 150 billion for the use of EVM as a wasteful exercise. One lakh IT specialists will be needed.

 800,000 EVM required for 2023 elections

For the 2023 elections, 800,000 machines will have to be purchase. The loss of the machine chip is likely to change the results while helicopters will be needed to take the machines to the constituencies, hence delivering and returning the machines safely is a big challenge.

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 The EVM is not made by the government itself, it is made by a private company which is much less secure than the machines of other companies. This machine is not equipped with modern technology. The 2018 general election costed Rs 20 to 25 billion.

Trained IT personnel and polling staff

For a long time a large number of people will need training, each EVM booth will need a separate manpower for use.

 It is a difficult step to fully train the presiding officers and staff at each polling booth. Two to three IT personnel will have to be deployed at each polling station. It is likely that at least Two to three 3 lakh IT professionals will be needed.

 300,000 polling booths

In the last election the polling booths were 240,000 while in the next election it is likely to be 300,000. Each polling booth will have to have a separate machine for the National and Provincial Assemblies. With more than 20 candidates in each constituency, a separate machine will have to be set up.

One lakh additional machines will have to be purchased, one lakh extra machines will have to be procured in view of the risk of sudden breakdown of the machines, at least 8 lakh EVM machines will have to be purchased.

Price of one EVM

Price of one EVM machine is said to be around two lakh. There is a question mark that EVMs worth billions of rupees could be used in the next elections.

 Safe storage, Data centres and Transportation

Where such a large number of EVM machines will be kept, no data center exists, billions of rupees will be spent annually on setting up of data centers and maintenance of machines, transportation charges will be additional for delivery of EVM machines everywhere. In India EVM companies have their own helicopters.

Cannot be used in 2028 polls

 With the advent of technological innovation, the existing machine will not be able to be used again in the 2028 elections.

The voter will not be able to be satisfied again in case of wrong vote cast.


Media not allowed to inspect evoting machines