Pakistan postpones Cambridge system exams

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has cancelled all examinations have been cancelled till June 15, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood told media on Tuesday.

Addressing press conference Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said that the O and A Level exams have been cancelled and pushed till October/November adding that no student will be promoted without exams this year.
.”We also considered the concerns of students who cannot wait till September to take their exams as their year will be wasted. We are giving special permission to A2 students to take their exams and centres will be open for only them.” Mehmood added. “Pakistan has around 20,000 A2 students.”
He reminded that centres should ensure that no more than 50 students are present at a time.

The Pakistan Army will be deployed to ensure the SOP implementation.

The education minister said, university admissions in Pakistan will be aligned for grade 12 and A2 students who will be taking exams in Oct-Nov. “This is to ensure no one loses a year,” he wrote on Twitter.

There was much pressure from students as well as different segments of society to postpone the exams.
The matter was also taken to courts, but courts also rejected the students plea.