Ordeal of the PIA flight passengers Beijing -Islamabad continues on third day

PIA flight Beijing Ismaabad

Ordeal of the PIA flight passengers Beijing -Islamabad continues on third day

KARACHI- Jul12, 201 – Ordeal of the PIA flight PK-855 Beijing to Islamabad continued on the third day, as neither flight was rescheduled nor any representative from airline and the foreign office turned up on Monday.

The flight was cancelled on Saturday after one of the crew members tested Covid-19 positive.

Reports said the flight was scheduled to take off on Saturday at 16:30 pm, but was rescheduled on Sunday. One of the passengers

said that there were many Pakistani students and their family members on the flight, who had become panicky after being told that one of the PIA’s crew members had tested Covid-19 positive at the Beijing airport,

They told their friends and relatives that of staff of the PIA available to explain the situation. He said that the visas of many students were nearing expiry.

He said the PIA officials were telling them that they would be accommodated in coming Sunday’s flight. Pakistani students said the next flight has not yet been confirmed by the PIA, while the airline was charging double fare but has not been providing accommodation in the hotels. But situation continued on Monday.

He said foreigners were restricted to some specific hotels, saying the flights of the other airlines on the same route were on schedule.