October 21, 2021

Only 8000 candidates cleared PST test: Sardar Shah

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UMERKOT: The provincial minister of education Syed Sardar Ali Shah has said Out of 32,000 candidates, only 8,000 candidates cleared the test.

Sardar Shah said that after the JEST test result form IBA, there have been reports of 8,000 candidates passing in Sindh in PST test. Out of 32,000 candidates, the passing of 8,000 candidates is not very satisfactory.

Referring to desk purchasing scandal he said that a committee will be formed at the division level to buy desk that will invite new tenders.

Sindh opposes uniform curriculum: Sardar Shah

He said the task of tendering desk purchases and issuing work order was done during the tenure of former Minister Saeed Ghani.

Text Books shortage

The Minister for Education admitted non availability and not publication of 9th and 10th class Biology, Maths and 7th-8th class Arabic, Islamic and Ethics and added that there are complainants. He said that he would check if the books were found in the warehouses of those districts and could not be distributed, action will be taken against those DEOs and TEOs.

The textbook board told him that they have printed all the required number of books, if it is so where those books are? He said he was setting up a committee to look into the matter.