Online Games, fun or matter of worries

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Online Games, fun or matter of worries

By: Muhammad Farooq, Director PTA
COVID pandemic has reshaped the world by diverting people from physical interaction to online activities. Now people prefer online shopping, e-education, likewise youngsters are indulging more in online gaming instead of outdoor activities.

The latest Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPGs) are gaining popularity due to intensive social interaction through video, voice, text etc. and are being considered as a source of entertainment, establishing virtual community to interact with others in accomplishing common tasks etc. however, besides being a source of entertainment and fun, it has some negative impacts for which every guardian needs to be updated about pros and cons of online gaming for better tackling the situation so as to protect our future generation.

In Pakistan, multiple incidents of suicides by teenagers, killing others in aggression by online gamers have been reported in media. The issue of violence and anti-social behavior arises due to excessive online games playing as concluded by different researchers. Mr. Arthur Cassidy, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, says that growing attachment to gaming devices among children leads to suicide or self-harm. Many other research studies have shown that children’s excessive involvement in online gaming deprives them from physical activities therefore they face problems like isolation, introversion, misbehaving with other family members, sleeping disorder, anxiety, depression etc.

Online gaming addiction mainly occurs due to less attention by parents. The kids who suffer loneliness, get an instant relief by playing online games. It takes them away from reality to fantasy and imaginary world where everything seems to be controlled by their thoughts and imagination. Resultantly, they get frustrated, leads them to violence, self-harm and even raises suicidal thoughts. Besides, chances of getting blackmailed, bullying by others (both offline and online) and theft of personal information also increase while playing online games with online predators.

Parents need to be extremely conscious w.r.t online activities of kids by opting following workable measures:
• Always spare time for your kids and even involve in their social activities. Prove yourself as a best friend so that kids may inform you timely in case they encounter any online danger.
• Always encourage and arrange physical activities for your kids plus choose schools having facilities for outdoor activities. Parents should be well aware of their kids’ friends especially about their character, behaviors etc.
• Before purchasing online games, parents need to check rating of the games from concerned department like the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and then accordingly select appropriate game as per age of the kid.
• Initially, parents should also play online games with children so as to understand content of the game as well as reaction of the children while playing game.
• For having better eye on kid’s online activities, computer be placed in common areas. Instead of giving new mobile on permanent basis to your kids, it is better to give them your own mobile solely for that particular purpose on temporary basis. This will ensure a direct check on their activities.
• Teach your kids not to share personal information like password, bank accounts, and pictures with anyone else.
• Learn and implement parental control features to implement time limits, website restrictions, and permit safe applications for kids.