One Stop Protection Center for GBV victims, survivors set up in Karachi

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One Stop Protection Center to help GBV victims, survivors set up in Karachi

KARACHI Aug 15,2021 – Sindh Police has set up One Stop Protection Center for help of  victims and survivors of Gender Based Violence Cases.

Sindh Police issued a letter which contains guideline and instruction to deal with such cases.

Letter sent to DIG Police South Zone Karachi said. “In order to streamline entire process in Gender Based Violence Cases, Sindh Police had first notified specialised investigating officers. Now police has also established one stop protection center so that proper investigation and prosecution takes place.”

The letter further said that Sindh police has notified a number of investigation officers for investigating cases of sexual harassment, and gender based violence across the province.

Gguideline said that the aim is to have a pool of specialised officers trained to deal with incidents of gender based violence including sexual abuse, sodomy and domestic violence, protect the survivors of violence with commitment to the survivor-centric approach and investigate the cases in a manner that respect the dignity of victims and not to  traumatise them.

Sindh police Suth shall work as a One Stop Protection Center.

The officer incharge of the center shall entertain all the victims of GBV from across the zone, immediately register the FIR, coordinate with the medico-legal team and mark the investigation of the case to GBV-IO of the concerned police station, who shall then take up the case for investigation.