Now time for the youth to lead the country: Bilawal Bhutto

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Now time for the youth to lead the country: Bilawal Bhutto

Student convention under the auspices of SPSF

KARACHI, Feb 16, 2022 –PPP chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that a new generation of the nation is ready to face the incompetent and illegitimate Prime Minister imposed on the country. It is time for the youth to lead the country.

Addressing a student convention under the auspices of Sindh People’s Student Federation (SPSF) at Auditorium One of Arts Council in Karachi, the PPP chairman said that after a long struggle, the SPSF officials and workers had taken away that right to form a union, which was snatched by dictator Zia.

He recalled that Benazir Bhutto in her first term had restored the student unions along with the labor unions, but under a conspiracy her government was toppled, and the incoming government banned the student unions.

The PPP chairman said that any 18-year-old could participate in the election of the Prime Minister, can be prepared to fight in war situations, by taking up arms against India. He can fight, but when it comes to choosing his own representative, he has no choice. He said that we got Pakistan not as a result of any war or violence but as a result of a peaceful democratic struggle under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Politics and students

The PPP chairman said that the biggest atrocity against the youth of this country was that an attempt was made to suppress their voice. Young people are not allowed to talk about their own problems. “It’s a strange thought that young people shouldn’t do politics,” he said. There should be no politics in the university as if politics is an insult. Doing politics is the right of the youth and doing politics is their most powerful weapon. He further said that if on one side there are tanks and bombs, and on the other side there is youth, who has the right to vote, the right to do politics, then he can change the fate of the country.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that we wonder why there is so much violence and barbarism in our society.

The politics of religion and linguistics get space for it in the name of equality, because student unions were banned. By banning student politics for their own benefit, some elements not only harmed the universities and the youth but also the society as a whole.

 fees of educational institutions

He said that the increase in fees of educational institutions was obvious to all. The way the state is being run, and jobs are being snatched away instead of creating job opportunities for the youth, but now students will draw attention to such issues.

Cases of harassment

The PPP chairman said that cases of harassment were coming from educational institutions, but it was a great injustice that those cases would be investigated by those who belonged to the same institution and would investigate against their colleagues.

He said that when the fees of students are increased, their opinion is not known. The same curriculum is imposed across the country, but students are not even asked. “Student unions are our first step, and when the students are organized, they will fight for the solution of their problems, but if there is a PPP government, you will run the government yourself,” he added. He pointed out that most of the universities in the country were built during the PPP regime. We will work hard and strive for 100% free education in future government educational institutions.

Standing Committee approves students unions bill in Sindh

All this is not possible in one day, but we are young, we will play long. Our goal is to establish at least one university or campus in each district over the next five years. Elaborating on his party’s future plans, he said his government would set up youth centers in every district to provide space for cultural and sports activities as well as career counseling. Students work hard to get a degree, but then they need career counseling.

Wadiras need PPP

 He said that it was being propagated all over the country that the PPP needed Waderas, while they did not know that the PPP was in fact a party of the SPSF. The fact is that the wadiras need PPP.