NED University student killed while resisting mobile phone snatching bid

NED Student Bilal

Suspect arrested in murder of NED University student is a minor

KARACHI, Dec 16, 2022- The armed robbers took the life of 21-year-old Bilal son of Nasir, a young student of NED University, on the slightest resistance while snatching his mobile phone.

Bilal was a resident of Federal B area, he has 4 brothers, one brother is outside the country, the deceased Bilal was also fond of football.

The victim was a third year student of petroleum department, the victim was hit by a bullet in the chest and one leg which proved to be fatal.
According to the police, one of the accused was wearing a cap with the flag of Afghanistan.
Two jawans of the Shaheen Force formed to prevent street crimes have also lost their lives in the encounter with the robbers.

During this week, more than 4 innocent lives have fallen victim to robbers, while dozens of citizens have been injured and transferred to hospital.