Nasir Shah responds Farooq Sattar: ‘Not to vent party’s anger on us’

Nasir Shah and Farooq Sattar

‘Not to vent party’s anger on us’: Nasir Shah responds Farooq Sattar

KARACHI (May 30, 2021) Sindh Information Minister Nasir Shah has said that it is not good for Farooq Sattar to vent his party’s anger on us. Local bodies of Karachi and Hyderabad have always been with the party which expelled Farooq Sattar.

Farooq Sattar in his press conference, alleged that Hyderabad and Karachi have been turned into ruins by snatching the resources of local bodies.

Responding his allegations Nasir Shah said, “the tragedy of the local bodies during your tenure is in front of everyone, we are trying our best to correct the shortcomings created by you.”

He said that you had made Karachi a killing field not Moin Jo Daro, we have restored the peace of this city with great hard work and love.

Nasir Shah said that Farooq Sattar is sympathizing with the traders from whom he always took extortion. “Farooq Sattar Sahib, you also remembered the domiciles of the officers,” Nasir Shah said.

The provincial information minister said that officers are posted on merit and not on domicile.


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