Nasir Shah lambasts federal govt for calling bureaucrats not Sindh ministers in meetings 

Local Govt minister Nasir Shah

‘It’s Pakistan card not Sindh card’, says Nasir Shah

KARACHI: Sindh Minister Sindh for Information and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has criticised the federal government which use to call Sindh bureaucrats in online meetings, provincial ministers are not given importance. 

Addressing a press conference the minister said Sindh is also neglected in the federal budget, and the Sindh government was not taken on-board in the budget programme.

Syed Nasir Shah said that the Prime Minister has admittedly disowned Sindh and added, it shows what his feelings are for Sindh.

He complained that federal government use to call Sindh bureaucrats in online meetings, provincial ministers are not given importance.

Shah said, “We are ready to cooperate in the development welfare programme, but there is no contact from the other end”.

Referring to situation of provincial autonomy Nasir Shah said that holding CCI meeting after every three months is mandatory, but this clause of constitution is not implemented.

Sindh Information minister added that even the federal law minister was giving impression that the CCI’s opinion is not so important.

Sindh minister said that, the PPP is the only party that is contesting the unfair census results. The MQM are also remained silent on the subject, though it was ally to the ruling party PTI.

Referring to the step motherly attitude of federal government towards Karachi, the minister said yesterday, the Prime Minister mentioned that 40% of the population in Karachi lives in slums, but sorry to say the Prime Minister did nothing for Karachi and its residents.