Nadra’s unique performance: Boy listed with three mothers 


Nadra's unique performance: Boy listed with three mothers 

KARACHI, Dec 1, 2023: In a remarkable turn of events, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has found itself in the midst of controversy as a 17-year-old boy named Umar Raza appears to have three mothers, according to official records.

Background: Umar Raza’s mother has taken legal action by filing a petition with the Sindh High Court against NADRA, challenging the accuracy and legitimacy of the database’s information. The petitioner, a resident of Gulshan Iqbal, has raised concerns about the unusual listing of three mothers for her son in the official records.

Legal Proceedings: The Sindh High Court has acknowledged the petition and issued a notice to NADRA, instructing the authority to provide a detailed response regarding the seemingly contradictory information in Umar Raza’s records. The court is set to delve into the matter to determine the accuracy of the data and the implications of having multiple maternal figures associated with a single individual.

Family Dynamics: The petition sheds light on the family dynamics surrounding Umar Raza. The parents of the teenager have reportedly separated, with one being identified as the grandmother and the other as the stepmother. The complex familial situation has raised questions about how such discrepancies could occur within the NADRA database.

NADRA’s Response Awaited: As the legal proceedings unfold, the public awaits NADRA’s response to the court’s notice. The unique case has sparked intrigue and concerns about the accuracy of the national registration system, prompting discussions on the need for enhanced data verification processes.