Nadia Khan’s obsessed fan goes to extremes, writes letter with blood

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan's obsessed fan goes to extremes, writes letter with blood

Famous Pakistani actress and host Nadia Khan has revealed about one of her emotional fans.

Nadia Khan recently appeared as a guest on a show and gave fans an insight into her professional and personal life.

In response to a question about fans, Nadia Khan had to say that one girl seemed very strange to me, he was an emotional fan of mine and used to call her mother at home.

Nadia Khan said that the fan once asked her mother’s home address on the phone to order a birthday cake for Nadia Khan, after which the fan started sending gifts, then gold ornaments and then letters written with blood.

Nadia Khan revealed that the fan threatened my mother that he would commit suicide if Nadia Khan did not answer the call.

Speaking during the show, he said that in this distressing situation I got angry and I spoke to the fan on the call and said that do what you have to do today and don’t wait for tomorrow.