NAB opposes allowing Agha Siraj’s son to go abroad

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NAB gets Siraj Durrani's transit remand

KARACHI Aug 2, 2021- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has opposed allowing Shahbaz Durrani, son of Agha Siraj Durrani, to go abroad.

The Sindh High Court heard the petition of Shahbaz Durrani, son of Sindh Assembly Speaker and PPP leader Agha Siraj Durrani, to go abroad.

The reply was submitted by the NAB to the Sindh High Court.

Opposing allowing Shahbaz Durrani to go abroad, the NAB said that Agha Shahbaz Durrani is beneficiary of anonymous accounts and is facing corruption reference. There are plots, expensive vehicles and bank accounts in the name of Agha Shahbaz Durrani, and according to record the applicant’s income is not enough to buy everything.

In the reply submitted to the court by NAB, it was stated that Shahbaz Durrani did neither join the investigation nor did he present the record. Several notices were issued to the accused to record his statement. The accused failed to join further investigation. However, Shahbaz Durrani has dual US citizenship and can escape.

The court directed the petitioner to file reply at the next hearing and adjourned the hearing till August 16.


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