Murad presents Sindh budget with focus on health, education, social protection

Murad presented Sindh budget with primary focus on health, education, social protection

KARACHI, (June 15, 2021): The Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, presented the Sindh budget of Rs Rs1.4 trillion with the primary focus on health, education and social protection in the Sindh Assembly here on Tuesday.

The opposition MPAs creates rumpus and shouted slogans during the budget speech of CM Sindh who is also holding portfolio of finance.

The expenditure oriented budget included 20% increase in government employees and 10% rise in pension and minimum wages of Rs25, 000.

The minimum income has also been increased by 43% from Rs17,500 to Rs25,000. The pension of retired employees has also been increased by 10%.

There is a substantial increase in development spending as Rs300 billion.

The total current expenditure, the Sindh government spends on its operations, staff salaries, and other administrative affairs, has been set at Rs1089.3 billion, which 74% of the total budget.

The Sindh government will spend Rs1478 billion, which is 19.1% higher than it was last year. The total revenue will be Rs1452 billion, including taxes of Rs Rs329.3 billion. The budget deficit, when expenditures exceed revenue, has been estimated at Rs25.7 billion.

The development expenditure of the province is expected to be Rs329 billion, which has been increased by 41.3%. Of this total, Rs222.5 billion has been allocated for the province’s Annual Development Programme (ADP).

The ADP, which is a development expenditure at the provincial level, observed an increase of 43.5%.

The education sector has a 19% share in the total budget at Rs277.5 billion; it has been increased by 14.2% as compared to the previous year.

Funds worth Rs172 billion have been set aside for health services, which is 29.5% higher than the previous year. Meanwhile, Rs24.73 billion has been allocated for combating epidemic diseases. This allocation also includes Health Risk Allowance.

An annual grant of Rs2.5 billion has also been set aside for the Indus Hospital, and Rs2 billion for the expansion of the hospital. Grant to SIUT has been increased by 27% to Rs7.12 billion.

For the rehabilitation of the IT sector, Rs1.7 billion have been allocated. Rs3 billion have been set aside for industrial development through small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Another Rs2 billion has been allocated for low-cost housing.

The amount allocated for the Transport and Mass Transit Department has been increased by 15% to Rs 7.64 billion.

Murad said that 250 diesel hybrid electric buses will also be procured this year.

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