Mother’s 5 years battle for justice ends: Tania Khaskheli’s mother dies

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Mother’s 5 years battle for justice ends: Tania Khaskheli’s mother dies

HYDERABAD, June 9,2022 – Mother of Tania Khaskheli, Khurshid Khaskheli, lost her life-long battle for justice.

Tania Khaskheli was killed in Sehwan, Jhangara,  some five years ago.

Khurshid Khaskheli fought battle for 5 years to get justice, and died in Jinnah Hospital Karachi.

Dua Khaskheli said that her mother was taken to Jinnah Hospital due to a blood pressure problem, but no doctor came to properly treat her.

Khurshid fought her brutally killed daughter Tanya’s case for justice for 5 years. During this battle for justice, she faced threats of respondents and delay in getting justice.

In June last year, Tania Khaskheli Model court Kotri heard the murder case. Tanya’s mother Khurshid and her father also reached there.

Main accused Khano Nohani was not produced in the court, therefore hearing was postponed.

Tanya’s mother said that the accused party has ruined our lives and has arriving at the court for justice. She alleged that two of the three accused of the murder case have been granted bail, after their release on bail, they were issuing threats of dire consequences to her family.

It may be recalled that in the high profile case of Tania Khaskheli, who was brutally murdered 5 years ago in Sehwan, Jhangara, two of the three suspects, Maula Bux and Aali Nohani, have been granted bail.

Outside the court, Tania’s mother on the court hearing had told journalists that, Khano Nohani, had shot dead her daughter before her eyes and added that she cannot forget the scene.

Khurshed said despite threatened she will not withdraw from the case and fight battle for justice till death.