Maria B claims 80% of men in Fashion Industry are gay

Maria B

Maria B claims 80% of men in Fashion Industry are gay - (screenshot)

Lahore, Pakistan:  May 28,2024: Maria B, a prominent Pakistani fashion designer, has sparked controversy by claiming that 80 percent of men in the fashion industry are gay. Her remarks came during a recent podcast appearance where she discussed the prevalence of homophobia within the fashion sector.

During the podcast, Maria B was asked about the impact of her outspoken views on social issues on her business. She responded by sharing her experiences and frustrations. “When some things became out of my tolerance, I started speaking openly,” she said. “I faced many problems in the fashion industry due to my views.”

Maria B elaborated on her claim, stating, “I have always known that 80% of the men here are gay. Initially, what they did was confined to their private lives, so people like us didn’t say anything. We just weren’t very similar to them.”

She continued, “As long as it was confined to their homes, we never interfered because it was theirs and God’s business. But I got angry when some people started saying this on social media.” Maria B expressed her anger at what she perceives as the normalization and promotion of homosexuality, which she believes contradicts Islamic teachings. “Allah has mentioned the people of Lut about 27 times in the Holy Quran, but unfortunately, people in our society consider the issue of homosexuality to be small and unimportant.”

The designer argued that such actions are distorting facts and corrupting future generations, prompting her to speak out. Despite facing significant criticism for her stance, Maria B remains resolute. “I get a lot of criticism for speaking against homosexuality, but I don’t care at all because my conscience is satisfied that I am doing the right thing and doing it for the sake of Allah,” she concluded.

Maria B’s comments have ignited a heated debate, reflecting the deep divisions within society on issues of sexuality and religious beliefs.