Man will shift to space, earth will be vacation destination: Jeff Bezos

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Man will shift to space, earth will be vacation destination: Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, owner of the world’s largest internet store “Amazon” and the world’s richest man who travels to space at his own expense, has said that time will come when a large number of people, will leave Earth and move into space and only a select few groups will remain on Earth.

According to foreign media reports, in the near future, Earth will become a planet where people will come only for sightseeing, visiting as tourism place.  

Jeff Bezos said that Earth is a beautiful planet which should not be spoiled by human beings.

He said his company Blue Origin’s vision is to move humans into space, to make millions of people work and settle in space, and that will be the case in the future.

 “Over time and over the centuries, our races will be born in space, this will be their first home, they will come to explore the earth just as the Americans go to visit Yellowstone National Park,” he said.

He said that cylinder-like colonies would have their own forests and rivers.

Jeff Bezos quoted Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill as predicting in 1976 that man would one day make space his permanent home.

Jeff Bezos says that imagine that the earth can provide the resources for only ten billion people to live to a certain extent then we have to finally think about how we can live longer without destroying the earth.