Long march will not go beyond October, Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Imran Khan backs away from immediate dissolution of the assemblies

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has announced that the anti-government long march will not go beyond October.

Speaking at  a press conference in Islamabad after by-election results, Imran Khan said that the preparations for the long march are complete, the government has a few days, I am giving them time, if the election is not announced, I will launch long march.

He said that he wanted to tell the political parties that the time is not much, when the public comes to the streets, it is not guaranteed what the result would be.

The PTI chairman further said that he still says, this is the time to announce the election, if they don’t announce the election then he will announce march.

They said that they cannot manage the country, they are afraid of the election, “I am giving time, we have held rallies, we have shown where the public stands, “ he said.

Imran Khan said, “I will announce at any time, he is afraid that he will lose if the elections are held.”

By-elections Results: PTI win six, PPP bags secures 2 NA seats

PTI Chairman said that there is only one solution to the country’s problems, clean and transparent elections. Until there is political stability, the economy will not recover.

They said that the economy has been brought down, inflation has skyrocketed, industry is closing down, they have only one solution that is to give loans.

Demand for re-election on the seat of Malir

Imran Khan demanded re-election in NA- 237 in Karachi and said that he lost the Karachi election because PPP openly rigged it according to its tradition.