KPC makes history: launches constitution in Sindhi

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KPC makes history: launches constitution in Sindhi

KARACHI Dec 07,2021- The Karachi Press Club – KPC has made history by publishing its constitution in Sindhi. The launch ceremony was held at press club, Chief at the event was senior journalist Sohail Sangi, president Karachi Press Club (KPC) Fazil Jameeli presided over the programme.

General secretary Rizwan Bhatti, Syed Zain Shah Former President Imtiaz Khan Faran, A. H Khanzada and other journalists, writers and poets, society representatives attended in large numbers.

On this occasion President Karachi Press Club Fazil Jameeli in his presidential address thanked the participants and said that it is a great honor for the KPC to make Sindhi version of the club’s constitution. Today we have made constitution in our national language. I would say to other institutions to promote Sindhi according to its legal status.

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Fazil Jameeli president KPC presenting shield and Ajrak to Sohail Sangi

He said KPC has always adhered to the democratic values and uphold its constitution.

Senior member and former general secretary Maqsood Yousufi said that KPC has history to the rule of law and give space to the freedom of

Speaking as special guest, Sohail Sangi said that KPC has done a great job in giving its constitution in Sindhi, although Sindhi translation of national constitution has not been done till date. Credit goes to PKC which recognised the importance of Sindhi language. Its good gesture and its time the Sindh government should ensure quality education of Sindhi language in all schools of the province.

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Speaking on the occasion, Syed Zain Shah said that the bill for compulsory teaching of Sindhi language in educational institutions has been passed but the law has not been implemented. He further said that in June, there was a conspiracy to make peaceful protests violent. Sindhi media gave record coverage to the protests of the illegal occupation of land. He recalled when there was violence it gave great coverage to the events being used against us. This behavior is shocking.

Former President of Hyderabad Press Club Mahesh Kumar said that we do not hate any language but consider all languages ​​as our own. .

Imtiaz Khan Faran and A. H  Khanzada recalled how press club provided space to the opposition in Zia and Musharraf period.

General Secretary of Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) Aajiz Jamali said that press club has implemented the language bill which was passed by the Sindh Assembly in 1972.

Naseer Ijaz suggested that KPC membership forms should also be in Sindhi. The Sindhi language should not be neglected.

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The event was also addressed by Imtiaz Khan Faran, A. H  Khanzada, Javed Maher and others.

Later, members of the translation Committee Naseer Ijaz, Waheed Rajpar, Qazi Ijaz, Javed Mahar and Nasrullah Jamali were awarded recognition shield.

Shield were also awarded to chief guest Sohail Sangi.