Kidnappings in Kandhkot spark public outcry and road protests


Kidnappings in Kandhkot spark public outcry and road protests

JACOBABAD, Dec 18,2023: In a distressing incident, bandits abducted two individuals on Tangwani Link Road in Kandhkot Tehsil, located in the Kashmore District of Sindh.

The Kandhkot police have swiftly responded by cordoning off the area in a determined effort to rescue the hostages.

This incident adds to the growing concern in the region, as the Kandhkot police have reported an increase in the number of abductions, with five individuals kidnapped in the past week alone.

Local residents, deeply disturbed by the rising incidents of abductions, have taken to the streets in protest. Tangwani Road witnessed a suspension of traffic as demonstrators voiced their grievances against the recent abductions. The protesters have vowed to continue their demonstration until the abducted individuals are safely recovered.

The Kandhkot police are actively engaged in efforts to secure the release of the hostages and bring the perpetrators to justice. The situation remains tense as authorities work to address the security challenges in the area and provide reassurance to the affected community. Further updates on the ongoing investigation and rescue efforts are awaited.