Kabul airport bombing: 90 people including 13 US marines killed

Kabul airpoty bombing

Kabul airport bombing: 90 people including 13 US marines killed

Aug 27,2021- Monitoring Desk

At least 90 people including 13 US marines have been killed and more than 150 injured in three blasts at Kabul airport in neighboring Afghanistan. The death toll from the blast is expected to rise.

According to British media, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Kabul airport bombings.

Experts believed that attackers targeted US troops, foreigners and Afghans trying to leave the capital Kabul.

The United States, Britain and Australia barred their citizens from approaching Kabul Airport just yesterday (Thursday).

The first suicide bombing at Kabul Airport was at the airport’s Abbey Gate, killing American and Afghan civilians.

The second blast occurred near the Baron Hotel, a short distance from the Abbey Gate, injuring several people.

The Baron Hotel is a place that Western countries have been using to evacuate their citizens.

There have also been reports of gunfire at the airport.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

Pakistan to help US in final withdrawal from Afghanistan

Geo News reporter from Kabul said a state of emergency had been declared across the city following the blasts and traffic on the way to Kabul Airport had been closed.

According to media reports, the US military fears more attacks. Emergency medical aid workers say that more than 60 wounded have been brought to the surgical center in Kabul and emergency protocol has been issued. 

After the blast, photos have surfaced in which the injured are being taken to the hospital with the help of wheelbarrows. In the photos, the clothes of the injured can be seen soaked in blood.

Pull out to continue

U.S. Senate Command Commander General McKenzie has said the evacuation mission will continue despite the attack. “ISIL wants to target our planes, trying to evacuate as many people as possible,” he said.

Reaction of US and UK

According to the White House, US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation and is monitoring the situation.

10- Downing Street says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after an emergency cabinet meeting on the attacks that evacuation efforts would continue despite the brutal attack.

A U.S. official said the first attack involved a suicide bomber and a few gunmen, and that ISIS was definitely behind it.

ISIS claims responsibility

ISIS’s Khurasan branch has issued a warning of an attack on Kabul Airport since last night.

The British media quoted the Afghan Islamic Press News Agency as saying that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Kabul airport.

Taliban condemn bombing

The Taliban has strongly condemned the bombings, spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid saying the attack took place in an area controlled by US forces and that his organization was monitoring the security situation.

Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s Qatar office, said the culprits of these heinous acts would be brought to justice.

Foreign media reported that Western countries have evacuated nearly 100,000 people, mostly Afghans who helped them, in the past 12 days. But they acknowledge that many thousands more will be left behind following President Joe Biden s order to pull out all troops by Aug 31.

Troops pull out agreement according to Trump’s agreement

Biden ordered all troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the month to comply with a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban negotiated by his predecessor Donald Trump. He spurned calls this week from European allies for more time.

The abrupt collapse of the Western-backed government in Afghanistan caught U.S. officials by surprise and risks reversing gains, especially in the rights of women and girls, millions of whom have been going to school and work, once forbidden under the Taliban.

Canada says we could have stayed and rescued everyone

“We wish we could have stayed longer and rescued everyone,” the acting chief of Canada s defence staff, General Wayne Eyre, told reporters, as Canada announced it could no longer continue its airlift, having pulled out 3,700 Canadians and Afghans.


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