December 6, 2023

Justice Baqar urges need for altered doctor-nurse ratio

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Justice Baqar urges need for altered doctor-nurse ratio

KARACHI: Nov 14: Sindh Chief Minister Justice (R ) Maqbool Baqar has emphasized the urgency of addressing the altered ratio of doctors and paramedics in Pakistan, where an overproduction of doctors is observed compared to nurses, midwives, LHVs, and medical technicians.

Acknowledging this challenge, he inaugurated the Skill Lab for Pediatric & Neonatal Care Technician Course at the College of Nursing, Kohi Goth, Malir.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures, including Prof. Tipu Sultan, Chairman Atia & Zafar Foundation and Charitable Trust, Dr. Shershah Syed, Chief of the Field office of UNICEF, Sindh Mr. Prem Bahadur Chand, Deputy Mayor Salman Murad, and other dignitaries.

Expressing satisfaction at taking a proactive step to tackle the doctor-nurse ratio challenge, Justice Baqar acknowledged the Koohi Goth Women’s Hospital’s significant role in providing crucial services to the underserved population, both nationally and internationally.

Justice Baqar highlighted the concerning child mortality rates in Pakistan, particularly newborn mortality, revealing that one in every 14 Pakistani children does not survive to their fifth birthday. He stressed the importance of timely preventive and curative measures and expressed concerns about the disproportionately higher number of doctors compared to other healthcare professionals.

The establishment of the College of Nursing and the introduction of the Skill Lab for Pediatric & Neonatal Care Technician Course were identified as crucial initiatives to rectify this imbalance. Justice Baqar emphasized that producing high-quality Pediatrics and Neonatal technicians would play a pivotal role in reducing child and newborn mortality.

Grateful for UNICEF’s support in enhancing health facilities, Justice Baqar reaffirmed the Sindh government’s commitment to addressing healthcare challenges and acknowledged the significance of the newly introduced courses.

Prof. Tipu Sultan commended the Koohi Goth Women’s Hospital for providing free treatment to women and children, conducting an average of 600 deliveries monthly. He highlighted the hospital’s provision of free nursing and technical courses.

During the Chief Minister’s visit to various classes, he actively engaged with undertraining nurses and technicians, underscoring the importance of the newly introduced courses and their role in advancing healthcare services.