Jamshoro lawyers condemn eviction of Karachi villages

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JAMSHORO: District Bar Association Jamshoro in its emergent meeting held on Saturday, has expressed resentment and anger over the recent “attacks” on the villages of indigenous people Sindh by the officials of Bahria Town.

The meeting presided over by Haider Ali Unnar discussed the issue in depth and noted that a survey of Kohistan lands was conducted from Karachi to Hyderabad in 1960, so that no one can usurp it.

After greasing the palm of politicians, the owner of Bahria Town has invaded the villages to get evicted so that he can get more lands, the lawyers body discussed.

“All this is done under the nose of the Sindh government and officials are silent spectators,” the resolution read. The BTK is not only occupying the lands illegally but was damaging houses of people living there and made their lives hell.

The district bar association condemned the act and asked the government to ensure no such incident could take place.