Imran insists on filing a “political FIR”, Parvez Elahi refuses

Parvaiz Elahi Imran Parvaiz Elahi

Imran insists on filing a "political FIR", Parvez Elahi refuses (file foto)

ISLAMABAD – Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi is trying to cool the anger of Imran Khan and convince him to file a factual FIR instead of politicizing the issue of Thursday’s assassination and implicating the military establishment in it.

Informed sources say that Pervez Elahi wants to avoid the issue from taking the matter to the level where the name of a member of the military establishment is listed in the FIR, because this situation will not be good for PTI and Q-League or for the country.

The suspected attacker, who is claiming that he planned to kill Imran Khan without any help or support, is in police custody.

A few hours after the attack in Wazirabad on Thursday, Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi through Asad Umar, named three persons, including Shehbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah and a senior military officer, whom Imran Khan blamed for the attack on his life. No FIR has been registered so far.

Imran Khan has been advised to name the suspected assailants and unknown persons in the FIR and not the Prime Minister, Interior Minister and the serving General.

Imran Khan did not file any complaint with the police. No one from PTI or the Punjab government is telling why there is a delay in lodging the FIR.

However, the Punjab government is reluctant to include these name, particularly the name of the army, in the FIR.

Sources say that Pervez Elahi has discussed this issue with Imran Khan. Unlike Imran Khan, Pervez Elahi has excellent relations with the military establishment. Pervaiz Elahi does not want the police to file the FIR that Imran Khan wants. He has referred the matter to the Anti-Terrorism Department for a logical investigation on scientific basis and also to find out who is behind the arrested suspected attacker.

On Friday, Imran Khan once again named Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and serving Major General that the three had planned to kill him because they were seeing people moving fast in the Long March. (News Desk)