Hyderabad Pucca Qila gate structure collapsed during repair: Contractors booked for negligence

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Contractors booked for demolishing structure of Pucca Qila main gate

HYDERABAD Sep 02,2021- Hyderabad Pucca Qila gate structure collapsed during repair by the contractor. Sindh Culture & Antiquities Department has lodged an FIR for demolishing the structure  of Pucca Qila main gate against two contractors under section 19 (1) of Sindh Antiquities Act.

The FIR lodged by the security officer of the Pucca Qila heritage site Muhammad Waseem Shaikh stating that the department has awarded contract of repair and maintenance of the walls of the Pucca Qila Hyderabad to Waliuulah Bhutto and Sadam Bhutto.

When they started work at the main gate of fort, the senior officer Ms Naseem Jalbani directed the contractor to first repair on side of the gate and then carry work on the other side.

The complainant said on September 2, 2021, he was present on the site with two other employees of the department, they saw that the contractor Sadam was breaking the walls of main gate from both sides. He said that contractor was reminded that senior officer has repeatedly asked them to carry repair work in two phases, first completing one side and then taking the other side. But the contractors demolished the structure of the main gate of Pucca Qila.

Pucca Qila police have registered a case against the accused under section 19 (1) of Sindh Antiquities Act 1975.