December 6, 2023

 Hunters allowed to kill 115 rare Urals and Ibex 

Sindh Ibex

 Hunters allowed to kill 115 rare Urals and Ibex (file foto)

Hunting ban in 4 districts

KARACHI Nov 5: Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Maqbool Baqir imposed a ban on hunting in four districts i.e Tharparkar, Sanghar, Benazirabad and Naushehro Feroze districts.

However local and foreign hunters llowed to be killed/exported 66 Ibex (males) with 35-inch horns.  and 49 urals 22 inch horn.

The foreign hunters will pay $20,000 for hunting per ural and $6,000 for killing Sindh ibex (male), The domestic hunters will pay only Rs4,00000 for hunting Ibex, but they are allowed to hunt only 5 ibex.

Sindh Wildlife Department says, 80% of the income from the hunting of rare animals will be spent on the welfare of Ibex and Ural region (Khirthar National Park) and the residents living there.

The chief minister directed the department to take appropriate measures to protect the migratory birds coming from Siberia. He said that migratory birds are our guests, they should be protected.