Humanity is running out of time to harness emerging power of AI

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Humanity is running out of time to harness emerging power of AI

Geneva, May 31,2024: Humanity is rapidly running out of time to harness the tremendous emerging power of artificial intelligence (AI), making it crucial to use this technology for the greater good while addressing the serious threats it poses, said UN Telecommunications Union chief.

“We’ve let the genie out of the bottle. We’re running out of time,” United Nations Telecommunications Union chief Dorian Bogdan-Martin stated on Thursday during the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva. Bogdan-Martin emphasized that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to guide humanity through the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

In his speech, Bogdan-Martin highlighted the extraordinary recent developments in artificial intelligence to an audience of thousands. Experts at the summit discussed how AI is being used to tackle issues such as climate change, hunger, poverty, and social protection. However, he also pointed out the concerning reality that one-third of humanity remains indifferent to the benefits of this technology, underscoring the early stage of this new technological revolution.

Bogdan-Martin stressed that this technological divide is unacceptable. He noted that while AI has the potential to greatly benefit humanity, it also poses significant risks. Ensuring AI’s safe and ethical use is imperative, especially considering the upcoming 2024 general elections in dozens of countries, including the United States. The potential for AI to be used in election fraud represents a significant threat to democracy, and the technology’s impact on the mental health of young people is also a growing concern.

The ITU chief acknowledged that the current application of artificial intelligence is limited, but he welcomed efforts by governments, including those in the European Union, to develop rules, regulations, and laws to co-regulate AI.