Hira Mani, a popular actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, was robbed at gunpoint by robbers outside her house.

Hira Mani has shared various stories, including some videos, on her verified Instagram account.
In the videos shared on Instagram story, it can be seen that Hira Mani’s car comes to a stop outside her house, out of which her eldest son comes out first and rings the doorbell.

Then, as Hira Mani’s youngest son gets out of the car, two robbers on two motorcycles come and rob Hira Mani, the actress in the car, at gunpoint and managed to escape.

CTV footage of the actress and her children being robbed is going viral on social media.
Social media users in their comments say watching the video suggests that we are no longer safe outside our homes.

Hira Mani, is known Pakistani television actress, presenter starred as lead in several hit series, including Jab We Wed (2014), Preet Na Kariyo Koi , Sun Yaara  Yaqeen Ka Safar , Thays , Do Bol , Ghalati (2020) and Kashf (2020).