Heavy snowfall makes emergency situation in Murree: Armed forces sought to rescue tourists

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Heavy snowfall makes Heavy snowfall makes emergency situation in Murree: Armed forces sought to rescue tourists: Armed forces sought to rescue tourists


ISLAMABAD Jan 08,2022- Heavy snowfall madae emergency situation in Murree, and civil and armed forces help sought to rescue help of civil armed forces to rescue the stranded tourists in Murree.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that a large number of people have come to Murree and Galyat, the administration has not been able to open the closed roads of Murree in the last 12 hours.

Thousands of tourists in Murree spent the night on the road, stranded in the snow, posting video messages on social media for help.

Heavy snowfall is expected in Murree, Galyat and Azad Kashmir.

Due to the blizzard in Murree, Galyat and Azad Kashmir, the meteorological department has forecast winds of 50 to 90 kmph.

Ambulances, security vehicles and firefighters were called to the scene.

The administration has warned citizens not to remain indoor to avoid any situation.

People outside Murree have also been instructed not to turn to Murree.

People trapped in the snow have almost no food or medicine and are facing shortage of medicines.

Police kept trying to make a way around the night to extract tourists from Murree.

Due to the worst traffic jam, entry of vehicles from Islamabad to Murree was closed till 9 pm last night.

Hazara Motorway from Koza Banda to Buttal has been closed due to heavy snowfall.

Heavy snowfall in and around Murree, Galyat and the influx of large numbers of tourists disrupted the system.

The journey took minutes to hours, and thousands of tourists, including children, women and the elderly, were stranded in Murree to see the beautiful snowfall.

In many places, tourists have appealed to the administration for help through video messages.

Heavy snowfall on the roads made the situation worse.

Police officers and officers were also seen in constant action to restore the flow of traffic.

Due to the tourist rush in Murree and the expected severe blizzard, the administration has stopped more vehicles from dying.

Long queues of vehicles were formed due to stoppage at Murree Toll Plaza, however, heavy rains made up for the shortfall.

In view of heavy rains in Islamabad, flood situation is feared in the drains. Rescue teams have been ordered to remain alert. Rains are also continuing in Islamabad from time to time.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that all routes to Murree have been closed and a large number of tourists are still present in Murree.

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He appealed to the people living in the area around Murree to provide food and blankets to the tourists.