Government will launch internship program for 15000 young engineers

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ISLAMABAD, Jul 29,2022- Minister for Planning and Development Professor Ahsan Iqbal has said that Government will launch National Development Internship program for 15000 young engineers in Pakistan.

While addressing the National Dialogue to eradicate Engineers Unemployment through Entrepreunerial setting as chief guest, the minister said, “Our engineers made defence of Pakistan invincible, designed and constructed mega projects in the service of the country. Now they have to play a role in transforming the economy into export power house by developing world class engineering industries. Young engineers with Knowledge Capital by directing their talent towards entrepreneurship and innovation can prove to be a great potential for the country’s Economic Development.

Minister noted that political instability did not let the country to tap its full potential in the last 75 years.  The economy which is not vibrant or fails to transform in line with the modern challenges is bound to spiral into degeneration.

Minister observed that had we made Pakistan an export- led country, cyclical crisis would not have thrown their economy back to square one. Hence, export – led growth is the panacea for making Pakistan’s economy strong and self- reliant.

It is to be noted that PEC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Committee (ICE) has held “National Dialogue – to Eradicate Engineers’ Unemployment through Entrepreneurial Settings” today in Islamabad.

The participants of the event are engineers, entrepreneurs and employers from all over the country to contribute in this National Dialogue.