October 21, 2021

Good news for mobile phone users around the world

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Good news for mobile phone users around the world.

Good news for mobile phone users around the world. The European Commission has proposed a one-size-fits-all mobile phone charger.

This will help reduce 11,000 tons of electronic waste annually. The user will be able to take any company’s phone and can charge it with one/same charger.

Small pin charger, thick pin charger, flattened charger, or rounded charger, not having particular charger, became a headache.

But not now. Members of the European Parliament have suggested that all mobile phone chargers in the world should now be the same, meaning that there will be a clear victory for the mobile phone user.

Then the world will get rid of 11,000 tons of ‘mobile phone charger waste’ annually.

There was a time in 2009 when 30 types of mobile phone chargers were in use. Now their number has been reduced to three.

Industry experts say that the proposal of European experts is in place, but it may take another five years to implement it.

No one except Apple has objected to making a one-size-fits-all charger. Apple says the decision will discourage innovation and invention.