Girls’ college principal killed in street crime

KARACHI: Street crime in Karachi claimed another life, a former principal of a girls’ college injured in a firing incident on a car in Liaquatabad, Wednesday died in hospital.

According to police, a shooting took place at Liaquatabad Sharifabad last evening. Nighat Nasreen a former principal of Government Girls College Saudabad went to Liaquatabad Supermarket with her husband for shopping. Meanwhile their son’s phone rang. They waited for him near Sharifabad Main Road National Bank.

A man on a motorcycle came and smashed the windscreen of the vehicle for looting. Irfan, the victim’s husband, tried to drive away. The accused opened fire on the vehicle, injuring the couple.

The two injured first taken to a private hospital near Baitul Mukarram. Later were removed to another private hospital on Stadium Road after first aid. But, 62-year-old Nighat Nasreen died during treatment due to excessive bleeding.

Street crimes register alarming rise in Karachi in Jan-March period, figure collected from police revealed.

In the first quarter of the year 2021, January and March, 1,055 motorbikes were snatched at gunpoint in the city and another 10,916 two-wheelers were stolen in various neighbourhoods.

In 2020, during the same period 525 motorbikes were stanched and 7,414 were stolen, showing a growth in the criminal trend at a staggering pace.

Report suggests between January to March of 2021, 5,982 cell phones were snatched in different parts of the city, showing increase in this as last year in the first quarter 5,105 people lost their mobile phones to armed robbers.

The number of snatching and theft of four-wheelers remained high during the first three months of 2021 as a total of 477 cases were reported compared to 472 during the same period last year.