February 28, 2024

Gas loadshedding woes persist: Citizens grapple with 200% surge in bills

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Gas loadshedding woes persist: Citizens grapple with 200% surge in bills

Karachi, Jan 7,2024: Gas loadshedding woes persisted, while citizens grapple with 200% surge in bills despite soaring prices.

  1. Citizens Stunned as Gas Bills Skyrocket by 200% Since November Price Hike
    • Despite gas prices surging by nearly 200 percent on November 1, citizens continue to grapple with the aftermath, facing exorbitant gas bills that have skyrocketed.
  2. Public Outcry Over Budget Crunch as Gas Price Surge Takes Toll
    • The recent surge in gas prices has dealt a severe blow to the budgets of citizens, leading to widespread public outcry as households struggle to cope with the unforeseen financial burden.
  3. Consumers Voice Concerns Over Unprecedented Gas Bills
    • Consumers express shock at the significant disparity between current gas bills and those of previous months and years, citing the unexpected surge as a new and challenging test for their financial stability.
  4. Gas Bills Compound Economic Strain, Surpassing Even Electricity Costs
    • While electricity prices had already made life challenging, the recent surge in gas bills has compounded the economic strain for citizens, with many unable to afford essential services like running geysers and cooking three meals a day.
  5. Gas Shortage Grips Karachi: Consumers in Distress
    • Karachi faces a worsening gas shortage, with domestic consumers expressing concerns about inadequate supply. Gas disappearance before 11 pm in some areas and even during the afternoon in others has left residents distressed.
  6. Intensifying Cold Weather Amplifies Gas Shortage in Karachi
    • The recent cold weather has intensified the gas shortage in Karachi, further exacerbating the situation. Increased consumption in Balochistan is identified as a key factor contributing to the shortage in various areas of the city.
  7. Supply Disruptions Hit Multiple Karachi Localities
    • Areas including Sadar, Defence, Shah Faisal, Landhi, Allahwala Tan, Gulshan, Manzoor Colony, Qayyumabad, and Scheme 33 experience disruptions in gas supply, causing inconvenience to residents.
  8. Fertilizer Factory Halt Adds to Gas Supply Woes
    • Gas supply interruptions are attributed to the ongoing stoppage of gas supply to fertilizer factories, worsening the situation. Consumers hope for relief as supply typically improves over the weekend when factories resume operations.

The citizens and authorities grapple with the multifaceted challenges posed by the combination of increased gas prices and supply shortages, leaving many households struggling to meet their basic needs.