From Edhi Orphanage to Nike

Rabia Bano and Bilqees Edhi

From Edhi Orphanage to Nike

KARACHI, Apr 16,2023- A little over 29 years ago, an infant girl was abandoned in a baby carriage at the Edhi Orphanage located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Bilquis Edhi, wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi became her caretaker and bestowed upon her the name of her own mother, Rabia Bano.

Fast forward 29 years later, and Rabia Bano not only successfully relocated to the United States but also completed her education there. She even secured internships at prestigious places, including Congress.

Presently, Rabia Bano is employed at Nike, one of the largest companies worldwide.

She obtained her accomplishments through her mastery of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law.

This story represents one of many lives transformed by Bilquis Edhi. Bilquis Edhi, known as Pakistan’s ‘mother of orphans,’ saved innumerable infants from being killed.