Friendly had not support Pakistan, rupee would have further depreciated: PM

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 26,2021- Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said, “If the friendly countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE and China did not support Pakistan, rupee in the country would have further depreciated,” and added that with all major economic indicators showing upward trends, the present government, despite various challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, had put the country’s economy on right path in the last three years. he added.

“During the last three years, the current account deficit has been significantly reduced from US $ 20 billion in 2018 to US $ 1.8 billion; foreign exchange reserves increased from US $ 16.4 billion to US $ 27 billion; revenue collection from Rs 3800 billion to Rs. 4700 billion; workers’ remittances from US $ 19.9 billion to US $ 29.4 billion,” he said.

The Prime Minister was addressing a ceremony, held here at the Convention Center to launch the three-year performance report of the present government, led by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI).

He said that when the present government took reign of affairs in 2018, the country with the highest-ever US $ 20 billion of current account deficit, was close to default and rupee was depreciating.